Your Pregnant Aunt Makes You Cum with Her Feet

Hello my sweet nephew. Thanks so much for checking in on your very pregnant auntie. You are such a sweet boy. I don’t need you to run any errands for me today but… well, I am just so hugely pregnant and I am so miserable. I am too big to do anything anymore and my feet have been hurting so bad. My belly is too big for me to reach my feet and they are just absolutely aching! Do you think you could be a sweetie and give auntie a nice foot rub?

Oh thank you honey! Mmmmm yes… just like that… it’s been so long since my feet have felt this good! Mmmm….. ummmm…. what’s that…. oh my, nephew!! Do you have a boner right now?? You do! You got a boner while you were rubbing my feet?? It happened because…. my feet are sexy to you? Oh sweetie… that’s so nice to hear you say that. I have felt really awful about my poor swollen feet lately and to hear you say they are sexy… well… I guess you can keep rubbing them… it does feel amazing after all.

Ohhhhh that’s so good. Thanks honey, that was great. You did such a good job of rubbing auntie’s feet, I feel like I should return the favor. How about…. well, would you like a massage… from me? I could just slide my feet right down here and massage…. this. Does that feel good? You do like my feet, don’t you? Do you want me to rub your cock with my feet? Mmmm yes you definitely do. You want to feel auntie’s feet sliding up and down your cock. I’ll make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before but you have to promise not to tell your mommy, ok?

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