When a Boy Needs His Mother, He Takes Her

Hi honey. I’m so happy to see you tonight. I feel like I’ve barely seen at all for weeks now. I know, I know, it’s totally my fault for being so… absent. I just can’t do anything about it right now. Mommy has been putting in long hours at work so I can have enough money saved up for us to have a really great Christmas. I just can’t afford to take any time off.

All of this non stop working sure is taking it’s toll on me. My back is sore and stiff, I feel so exhausted… I just need a break… but I have to keep going for you, my sweet boy. What’s that? Would I like a massage? Well ofcourse I would! I just don’t know if it would be approriate to ask you to rub mommy’s back. Are you sure it wouldn’t make you feel… uncomfortable? No? You are fine with it? Well… ok then, I would love a massage! My poor tired back would sure feel a lot better.

Mmmmm oh yes honey, right there… that feels amazing. I love the way you rub mommy’s back…. ummmmm honey…. are you… poking me with something? Oh my! What’s that?? Why do you have a… boner?! Are you getting excited while you are rubbing your mother’s back? Oh no… honey, actually I changed my mind. I don’t need a massage after all. I think you should just go to bed because I am feeling really tired all of a sudden…

Ugh, what are you doing?! Quit trying to take my robe off! Honey! I know what you are trying to do and that is absolutely not acceptable… you can’t do that to your mother! Stop it right now! Ouch… oh no… I can’t believe you are doing this… to your mother!

You are going to be in so much trouble! You may be able to over power me tonight but you have no idea what punishment I am going to deal out tomorrow. I feel so absolutely violated… by my son! I can’t believe you just forced yourself on your mother!

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