What Were Your Favorite Childhood Toys?

This is another blog challenge post:

“What were your favorite childhood toys”

Ok so I am a total dork but my all time favorite toy as a child was definitely TROLL DOLLS! OMG yes I must have had 100 of those damn nappy head dolls. I loved them so much, I had names for all of them and I had a huge table dedicated to nothing but my troll dolls. I would arrange them just right and would get so pissed when the cats would jump up there and knock them down.

My other favorite childhood toy was a magnifying glass. Yup. I remember having so much fun with this huge magnifying glass I got from somewhere, not sure where I go that from actually. I learned that if you held it just right with the sun coming through it that you could catch shit on fire and once I figured that out I had tons of fun! I never did anything destructive with it but I had a lot of fun catching little piles of leaves on fire, burning my old books, etc etc. Yup, I was a weird child.

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