Wearing My Worn Sneakers on My Hands

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Hey! I’m back from shopping all day. My feet are a little tired from wearing my Nike sneakers all day. I really need to sit down and take off my sneakers and sweaty socks! Oh and they kind of stink a little too… I have been walking all day so… Today when I was shopping I was thinking about all of these random things and one of the things I thought about it how it would look to wear socks and sneakers on my hand. I was really thinking about this and I think it would be an awesome fashion statement… I really think this could be the next big thing! See look how awesome it looks when I am wearing my socks and sneakers on my hands. I think we should go out to lunch wearing our sneakers on our hands so we can get this going and get other people doing it too! Just wait, you’ll see… this is going to be the next big fashion thing!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

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