Tipsy Cigarette Smoking in Slutty Skirt, Blue Panties, and Silver Top Video

“Tipsy Cigarette Smoking in Slutty Skirt, Blue Panties, and Silver Top”

Tonight I am dressed up oh so sexy in my slutty skirt and silver top and I have been drinking too. I love drinking wine while I am smoking… it makes my cigarettes taste so much better! I have already been through a couple of glasses already so I am a bit tipsy, hope you don’t mind! I am sitting on my chair and I continue to drink on my wine while I light up a cigarette for you. I start smoking on it while talking to you then I get up and bend over, showing you my cute little blue panties. I keep on smoking then the camera zooms closer to my face. I keep taking big puffs off my cigarette and blowing out big clouds of smoke while I pull my titties out of my top and show you my hard nipples. I keep talking to you and showing off my awesome huge tits while I finish my cigarette. Hot tipsy smoking video! This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 8:07 minutes.

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