Third Trimester Belly Button and Preggo Belly

My big pregnant belly is still growing bigger and bigger every day! I am officially well into the third trimester and I can’t believe that my belly is still growing! My skin is stretched so tight and my belly button is absolutely non existent! The only thing that remains of my belly button is the cute little brown spot where my cute belly button used to be. I absolutely love my little brown spot on my belly and I love showing it off for you. I used to be able to poke my belly button with my finger but now my belly is so big and stretched I can’t even poke it anymore! I don’t know how I am going to make it through the next few weeks with a belly this big… but I know you are going to love every second of it! I am going to show off my big third trimester preggo belly and sexy belly button for you in this video and I just know you are going to thoroughly enjoy it!

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