The Pregnant Black Widow

Mmmm good morning… I’m so glad to see you are still here this morning… not like last time when you fucked me and left in the middle of the night and I didn’t see you again for 7 months. I was quite surprised and very pissed off when I found out I was pregnant with your baby after you ditched me like that. You didn’t even bother to call me or anything, you just left… out enjoying your life while I am sitting here growing your in my belly.

I was so happy to see you at the bar again last night… and I was even happier when you came back to my place and we had amazing sex. You obviously couldn’t get enough of my pregnant pussy so we fucked again this morning then…. you tried to grab your stuff and leave me… again?!

I don’t think so… you are not leaving me again. I am not raising this by myself knowing that you are out there living it up, partying your life away while I am stuck at home as a single mother. I’ve been thinking about this for 7 months now… I’ve been thinking about what I would do if I ever saw you again and now I know exactly what to do…

I am never letting you leave me again… infact, not only are you not ever leaving me again but you are going to be providing all of the nourishment your unborn baby needs until it is born. That’s right… I am going to EAT you! I am going to swallow you whole and let my belly digest you, turning you into food for me and your baby then when my body has taken everything it needs from you… you will be turned in to my waste, disposed of properly into the toilet squeezed from my asshole and flushed down the toilet.

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