The Labor Date: Part 2

This is part 2 of The Labor Date. This video picks up where part 1 ended. A very heavily pregnant Kristi is in labor and her date just arrived at her house. He doesn’t know she is in labor… but he will soon! Kristi puts her shirt back on and hobbles to the door and lets her date in. They go back to the couch and Kristi tries to engage in some small talk with her date hoping her contractions stop but they only get stronger! There is no way she can hide her progressing labor any more so she tells her date that she is in labor and she needs his help! She has the strong urge to push this baby out and her date needs to help her catch the baby! Kristi is having a hard time pushing and she tries pushing in multiple positions when she notices her date has a huge boner! She is quite shocked that he is turned on by her impending delivery but the contractions are too strong and too close together for her to care. She keeps pushing and trying different positions until finally the time has come… the baby is crowning! She tells her date to get ready and she gives a huge push and delivers her baby right into her date’s arms!

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