Hello young man. You are just the person I was hoping to see. So, are you excited about graduation? In just 2 short days graduation will happen and then school is over for good! Do you have any fun plans? You must be so excited, right?

Well, you shouldn’t be. I’m sorry to tell you but you failed my class therefore you don’t have enough credits to graduate. It looks like you are going to be doing summer school and you won’t get to walk with your class for graduation.

Look, I’m sorry, I really am but there is nothing I can do. You completely flunked my class… there is no possible way you will be able to make up this work in 2 days. I guess you probably should have paid more attention to the material instead of my cleavage and ass.

Oh yes, I’ve seen the way you look at me. Infact, my body is the only thing you paid any attention to at all during the whole year. Hmmm…. you know… you are very cute… very handsome… such a stud, actually. Maybe there is a way you can pass my class and graduate this week.

If you really want to pass this class… this is your only chance. You are actually going to have to put in work though. No laziness for this task. Oh no… you are going to put in 100% effort. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a nice young cock… a very long time….and I do think yours is the one I want.

Do you really want to pass this class? I hope you can fuck better than you studied because this pussy needs some extra credit and you are going to give it to me!

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