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Mommy Has a BIG Surprise for You

Hi honey! I’m so happy you skyped me tonight! It’s been forever since we last talked… how has college been going? Are your grades good and you’ve been doing well? Oh good, that’s so great to hear! I’m so happy for you! Me..? Well, yes… everything has been good with me too… except…. ummm honey… I need to tell you something. I’ve been waiting to tell you this because I didn’t want to upset you at school but I think it’s time you know.

Remember that night… the night before you left for college… we were both drinking and we got totally Tipsy and well… we had sex? Yeah, that night… the Tipsyen sex with you mother… remember? Well, something happened as a result of that night and I’ve been wanting to tell you about it. Actually, I’m just going to show you instead…

Yes honey, that’s exactly what you are seeing. You got mommy pregnant that night we fucked and you didn’t pull out in time! Oh honey, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but… well, I just didn’t know how to tell you. Everything is ok though! I am very happy carrying this piece of you with me and nothing is going to change! When you come home, it will be just like having a new brother or sister. Don’t worry honey, everything is ok.

Son, another thing I wanted to talk to you about is… my pregnancy hormones! They have been just absolutely crazy and I don’t have a man in my life so I was hoping we could…. get naughty on the webcam together? People do this kind of thing all the time… masturbating together while showing off on the webcam. Will you do it with me honey? Will you stroke yourself while mommy fucks her pussy thinking about how great your cock felt that night and how absolutely amazing it is going to fill the next time we see each other?

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Horny Pregnant Babe Loves Being Ass Fucked!

Being pregnant has really made my hormones go crazy! I am always thinking about sex or about fucking my pregnant pussy… but lately I’ve been craving fucking my tight asshole too. Today I was lying on my couch and I started dildoing my tight wet pussy with my new big toy but it just wasn’t doing it for me… I couldn’t orgasm like this. I was really craving my asshole being filled so I lubed up my sweet brown eye and slid my big toy inside. It felt absolutely huge in my asshole but it was so amazing. I fucked my asshole with my huge toy while rubbing on my clit until I brought myself to the most amazing orgasm I’ve had in a long time. Mmmm this preggo definitely loves being ass fucked!

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Hot Girl Smokes and Masturbates Smoking Fetish Clip

Wearing fishnets and smoking has to be just about the sexiest thing ever…. right? Well, that wasn’t the case today. It got way hotter than that when I lit up my “More 120s” and started rubbing on my shaved pink pussy until I had a massive orgasm! I was just SO horny today and I also really needed to smoke too so I thought it would be extra pleasurable to smoke and make myself cum at the same time. Using only my fingers I rub my clit while smoking on my “More 120s” until I have the best orgasm ever! You are definitely going to want to see this video!

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Naked Fucking Masturbation & Orgasm on the Floor


I was so horny all day and I finally had enough and I just had to masturbate. I wasn’t getting any cock soon so I took matters in to my own hands. I got naked and laid down on the floor and grabbed my coconut oil and my realistic dildo. I oiled my throbbing pussy up really good with the coconut oil and I got busy thrusting my awesome feeling dildo deep into my wet pussy. I fuck myself so good and I really wish I was getting my ass fucked right now so I slip a finger up my asshole while I continue to fuck myself. I flip over and ride my toy hard in doggystyle, really making my pussy dripping wet. I keep riding my toy until I am getting close to cumming so I flip back over on my back and fuck myself into a rocking hard orgasm! Mmm that was so good, almost as good as the real thing! You will love this crystal clear great lighting high definition video! I hardly ever do masturbation videos so get it while you can! <3

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