Hi babe! I just got back from my sonogram and I have the biggest news ever! You know how we have been trying to pick out one baby name and anticipating having one baby? Well… my sonogram showed that I am having twins! That’s right babe, there are 2 in there! But babe… that’s not the only thing I need to tell you. See… well, I need to tell you that…. you are totally NOT the father of these twin . I had my doubts the whole time but now that I know I am having twins I am absolutely certain that your loser ass is not the father. You are too much of a worthless dick loser to make one baby, let alone two . Actually babe, I know exactly who the father is. I’ve been cheating on you with this black guy that has a huge cock and he is definitely the father. I don’t want to ruin our awesome sex relationship though so I am not going to ask him to be the daddy. Actually babe, you are going to be the daddy of these twin . You are going to spend your life savings raising my illegitimate black twins and you better get used to the stares you are going to get when you take them out in public!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your bitchy pregnant girlfriend comes home and tells you that you are not the father of her twin babies. You are a total loser and she is glad you are not the one that got her pregnant. She tells you that she has been cheating on you with big black cocks and she is carrying black twin babies and you will spend your life savings taking care of her illegitimate black babies like a cuckold loser because you are a huge load in this sexy femdom pov pregnant cuckold clip!

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