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Get Fatter with Princess Krist’s Feedee Feeding Plan

Hi fatties! I’ve come up with a feeding plan to help you gain the weight that you need to gain to make me happy. This eating plan is not for the weak at heart. I am going to push you to your limits and I know you can succeed! You know I want you to get fat…. but not just fat, I want you huge! Practically immobile… and that means you have to eat! I spent all morning coming up with a 3 meals from each of 3 different fast food joints.There are 9 meals in all and you can mix and match if you don’t have all 3 places in your area. I am going to hold up my eating plan for each place close to the camera so that you can pause the clip and write down the info so you don’t mess it up! Do you want to get fat for me? I know you do. Start my feeding plan and I’ll help you reach your biggest fantasy! (There is no domination/humiliation in this video)

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your beautiful Goddess Kristi telling you to eat more and more and get fatter and fatter by food stuffing way too much food! Princess Kristi wants you to gain a lot of weight and get very fat for her so you must follow Kristi’s feedee feeding plan and continue to gain weight for your Princess!

Skinny Girl Getting Fat Over Eating Pizza Clip

I am a petite woman but I love to sit down and eat a ton of food! I notice that I always eat more when I am doing something else like browsing on my phone. Tonight I had the super munchies and cooked myself a ton of mini pizzas. I sit down on my bed and get lost in my phone while shoveling pizza after pizza into my mouth. Before I know it I have ate every single mini pizza and I am SO bloated! My belly is pushed out and making me feel like I am pregnant! This is a voyeur face stuffing video!

Runtime: 20 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy petite MILF Kristi eats way too many mini pizzas and causes a huge food bloated belly after face stuffing and over eating too much food and getting fat and gaining wet in this food stuffing clip!

Mickey D’s Food Binge Assignment – Feeder/Feedee Video

Hello fat ass! I am back with more feeding for you. This is an assignment video. In this video, along with teasing you for being a fat loser, I am going to give you a very special assignment. I am going to tell you an exact amount of food that you will buy from Mc Donalds every day for the next 2 weeks and you will be eating exactly that for lunch everyday. I have a weight gain goal for you and I expect you to meet it by the end of 2 weeks. You will email me some information that I request in this video so that I can keep tabs on you and your weight gain. Together we will work on getting you incredibly fat, just what the Princess ordered 😉 This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 8 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy femdom Princess gives you a food binging assignment for your feeder fetish. Princess Kristi wants you to eat and get so fat for her in this sexy feeder feedee fetish video!

Hot Girlfriend Overeats and Face Stuffs Too Much Food Bloated Belly

Hi babe! Thanks for bringing me lunch! What did you bring? It sure does smell good. Let me see it…. BABE! What the hell? This is a HUGE sandwich… you know I never order the large sandwich from my favorite sandwich place. There is no way I can possible eat all of this…. Well, it’s your fault you spent so much on lunch, you knew better than to try and make be break my diet! I have been working so hard to lose this last bit of weight and then you bring me a huge lunch like this! Don’t be a dick and quit trying to make me feel bad that I don’t want to eat this! Fine! I’ll eat as much as I can but I seriously doubt I’ll be able to eat all of this… I can’t believe you are emotionally blackmailing me in to gorging myself and making my belly bloated eating all of this food! This sandwich is going to go straight to my ass!

Runtime: 14 minutes.

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Hot Girl Drinks Soda and Burps Big Burping Fetish Clip

My burping videos have always been so popular and I get a ton of requests for them so here is my newest one! I am drinking an ice cold wild cherry soda in this video while wearing my yoga pants. I pull out my boobs so you have some delicious eye candy to look at while I am chugging my soda and burping big burps! I get quite a few burps from this one can of soda!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy MILF Kristi drinks an icy cold soda and belches lots of big girl burps for you! Kristi loves drinking too much soda and burping big sexy girl burps in this hot girl burping video!

Sexy Girlfriend Overeating Gets Bloated Belly and Has Virtual Sex Clip

Hi babe! I here and oh look! You made me my favorite snack… cheese sticks! Oh I just love these cheesy things so much… and there are SO many of them! Are some of these for you too? No?? You don’t expect me to eat all of these, right? That’s SO much food babe! Well, that’s ok… atleast there will be plenty for me to eat on our special date night. Mmmm these are so good!

Oh babe, I ate like 6 of these already and I am feeling SO full… I need to unbutton my pants, my belly is getting bloated! Ugh, I still feel really restricted in these clothes, I need to take off my pants and shirt too. That feels so much better just sitting in my bra and panties…. now I can eat some more of these delicious cheese sticks!

Babe… my belly is absolutely stuffed. I don’t think I can eat anymore of these… I mean look at my belly! I look 6 months pregnant! Ohhh… I feel really good right now… like really really good. There’s something about having this much food in my belly that it’s making me horny! Really really horny! Babe! I want to have sex now… yes, I want to ride your cock while my belly is hugely bloated with all of this food. It’s going to feel so good! Let me get my bra and panties off and I am going to climb on top of you with my huge food stuffed belly and I am going to ride your cock until I have the biggest orgasm ever!

Runtime: 22 minutes.

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