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Foot Fetish in Tight Jeans JOI

I have a sexy little treat for you today… I am going to give you amazing jerk off encouragement while showing off my sexy wrinkled feet and big booty in jeans! My ass looks absolutely amazing squished into these tight AE jeans but my feet are what is going to make you bust a huge nut! I am going to tell you to stroke your hard cock for me… making it throb harder and harder… until I finally tell you to cum and you are going to blow a huge load! Grab your cock and get ready, foot lover!

Runtime: 8 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy Fetish Princess Kinky Kristi showing off her perfect wrinkled feet while wearing tight dark wash jeans! You will receive intense feet jerk off instruction until you bust a huge nut for Kinky Kristi’s sexy wrinkled soles!

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JOI for My Winking Asshole and Wrinkled Feet with Kinky Kristi

Are you horny today? I hope so because I am going to use my delicious body to thoroughly drain your cock! I know just how much you love looking at my sexy asshole and my sexy feet while I am giving you jerk off instruction. I am going to guide you through the most amazing JOI session to my sexy winking asshole and wrinkled soles until you give me a HUGE load! Be ready to be drained!

Runtime: 11 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Fetish Princess Kristi shows off her sexy asshole and wrinkled feet while encouraging you to stroke your hard dick and cum! Sexiest asshole fetish foot worship video ever!

Jerk Off For My Shaved Pussy and Wrinkled Feet

Sometimes you just need to have a great orgasm from looking at a pair of sexy feet. It sweetens the deal when you also get to stare at a wet pink pussy while you are jerking your cock to a beautiful pair of feet. I am going to make you cum harder than you’ve ever cummed before for a pair a feet when you watch this video and you will most definitely be left drained yet craving more!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot MILF Kinky Kristi shows off her sexy shaved pussy while making you jerk your dick to her sexy wrinkled feet! Kinky Kristi loves giving you jerk off instruction and sexy feet masturbation instruction while stroking for her sexy wet pussy in this foot fetish pussy teasing clip!

Your Pantyhose Therapist Financial Domination Clip

You are my patient and I am your beautiful therapist who just so happens to wear the sexiest pantyhose ever even though I know that pantyhose is your total addiction. You have been coming to me to try and cure your pantyhose, leg and feet addiction. You feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into a submissive state and you fear that you soon may run across a domination pantyhose wearing Princess that is going to take you for everything your worth. You came to me begging that I cure you as I am the most well known pantyhose addiction therapist there is. I tell you to breathe deeply, in and out… in and out… I am going to put you into a trance so I can re-program your subconscious mind to not be addicted to pantyhose anymore. Once you are under the trance, I tell you my true intentions of today’s visit. I am a pantyhose therapist but not the kind you thought I was. When I am done with you, you will be completed 100% addicted to pantyhose in the worst ways possible. You won’t just be addicted to pantyhose… you’ll be addicted to me and my beautiful pantyhose covered legs and feet. You won’t understand why you feel the dire urge to see me multiple times per week and to give me more and more of your money. Every time you see me your addiction will grow stronger and stronger… until you are left broke and mind fucked.

Runtime: 16 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: You will be completely addicted to your pantyhose therapist and her sexy thick legs and beautiful feet in high heels and pantyhose in this sexy pantyhose financial domination fetish clip!

Oily Feet Fetish Jerk Off Instruction Clip

Today you are going to marvel at the beauty of my feet, loser. They are beautiful, they are sexy… they are perfect! They are even more sexy when I have them oiled up… my wrinkled soles glistening into the camera. Yes foot bitch, it’s your lucky day! I am going to let your worship my beautiful oily feet close up to the camera in stunning true high definition… this is foot fetish for losers at it’s finest! I know your cock is going to be rock hard and dripping once you see my feet so I am going to be such a sweet Princess and let you jerk off and cum! No tricks, loser… this is for real!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Watching your beautiful femdomme Princess show off her sexy wrinkled feet and soles while pouring massive amounts of oil all over her sexy painted toes and wrinkled soles while letting your jerk your cock and cum! Super sexy foot fetish jerk off instruction clip for losers!

Worship My MILF Feet While I Am Smoking

It’s time for me to have a smoke break… yes, I want to light up one of the Virginia Slim 120s menthols and relax. I know how much you adore it when I smoke… but you also like something else, don’t you? Oh I know, you love feet just as much as you love it when I smoke! It’s your lucky day as I am barefoot so I am going to let you worship my beautiful wrinkly feet while I am smoking my VS cigarette. You get the best of both worlds today… I am going to fulfill your smoking foot fetish in the best possible way!

Runtime: 6 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy MILF Kristi shows off her sexy pink wrinkled feet while smoking for you. This hot milf loves letting you jerk your cock to her sexy feet and wrinkled soles while indulging in your smoking fetish!

Hot Mom Gives Virtual Foot Job

Hi baby! I know you can’t be here right now but I am still aching to give you a much deserved foot job! That’s ok, we will do the next best thing. I am going to show you exactly how I would stroke your cock with my feet while using my realistic dildo and you can stroke your cock and imagine it’s my feet there instead. This is going to be SO hot! Get your cock lubed up and ready to go… my rose colored toes have been waiting to wrap around your cock all day long. Oh yes, I love stroking it up and down, gripping my feet and toes around it, watching the precum slowly drip from it… I am going to stroke your cock until you can’t take it anymore then I am going to fully drain it all over my toes!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy MILF Kristi gives you a sexy virtual foot job with her painted toes and sexy wrinkled feet. Kristi loves wrapping her toes around your cock in this virtual foot job fantasy and making you cum so hard with her wrinkled feet and sexy painted toes in this virtual foot job video!

Stroke for My Sexy Feet and Purple Painted Toes

I just gave myself the sexiest pedi ever and now I want you to stroke your cock for my sexy feet! I have very sexy purple polish on my toenails and my feet are so smooth and silky, they look fantastic! I encourage you to stroke your hard cock for me while showing off my sexy size 7.5 feet in several different positions. I get them close up to the camera for incredible closeups and also farther away so you can see my big juicy bare ass along with my feet while you are stroking for me. I am going to make you cum so hard while jerking your cock for my sexy feet.

Runtime: 7 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Super hot amateur camgirl shows off her sexy wrinkled feet and purple painted toes in this sexy foot fetish clip! Kinky Kristi shows off her perfect soles and wants you to stroke your dick while jerking off for her sexy wrinkled feet and painted purple toes in this incredibly sexy feet fetish masturbation instruction clip!