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Popper Intox Edging with Big Sexy Titties

It’s time to get completely mind fucked again with your poppers and my big sexy titties. I am going to make you stroke your cock while taking hits off your poppers in increasing amounts while teasing and edging you with my big sexy titties. We are going to get you started off slow with just one hit from your poppers and things will get more intense very quickly. You will be doing multiple popper hits until you are absolutely fucked out of your mind and with the help of my big tits and sexy edging technique you will cum harder than you’ve ever cum before!

Runtime: 14 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Big titty popper Princess Kristi gives you amazing jerk off instruction while instructing you to take poppers hit while jerking for her huge titties. Kristi gets you completely mind fucked and high as fuck on your poppers while edging your cock for her big veiny titties until you cum so hard for her tits in this sexy popper joi big titty jerk off instruction popper masturbation instruction edging clip!

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Mommy Teaches You Stamina by Edging Your Cock

Hey honey, how did your date go? Oh no, what happened? Why do you look so down? Oh honey! You had sex… on the first date? You know you shouldn’t be having sex on the first date but…. well, why do you look sad about it? Usually a boy would be happy about having sex…. oh no! Honey! That’s horrible! You…. you prematurely…. ejaculated… right after you started? Oh my, that must have been terribly embarrassing! Oh honey, I’m so sorry… I know how upsetting that can be. Well, I don’t want you to worry about that any more. Mommy is going to fix you up really good. I know the perfect way to help you last longer so the next time you have sex this won’t happen again. You are going to have to drop your pants and…. well… I need you to masturbate for me son. I know it’s a bit awkward but this is just for educational purposes. I am going to play a stamina control game with you… this is like edging… and it will really help with your orgasm control. We are going to start out with 10 slow strokes, then 10 fast strokes, then 10 slow strokes and we will keep going and this is going to help you build up your stamina so you don’t finish too soon again. Trust me honey, mommy knows exactly what to do and this is definitely going to help you! Ok so let’s begin… you just need to drop your pants and grab your penis and follow mommy’s instructions.

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