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Mmmm… honey, you woke mommy up with all of that moving around your doing. What exactly are you doing? Oh… I didn’t realize… sweetie… are you… touching yourself right now? You were, weren’t you?

Oh it’s ok sweetheart. It’s totally a natural thing for boys to get erections… especially when they were probably staring at their mother’s breasts while lying next to her. Hmmm… it doesn’t quite seem like you know how to do it though.

I think the best thing to do is to let mommy guide you and teach you the correct way of masturbating… it will help you and it will help me because I’d really like to go back to rest for a while and I can’t with all of that moving you are doing!

So you go ahead and reach down there again. Grab your penis and do exactly as mommy tells you to do. Sure sweetie, you can look at mommy’s big breasts while you are doing it. You are going to keep touching it until you ejaculate and after you do, we are going to cuddle up and get a few more hours of rest 🙂

* This video uses only anatomically correct terms, no dirty talk *

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