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Blowing Bubbles and Snapping My Bubble Gum

I love chewing gum and blowing bubbles but I’ve never really snapped my gum too much before. I was inspired to learn how to snap my gum after receiving a couple of custom video requests. I started out only being able to do one snap at a time but after lots of practice I’ve gotten up to doing 5+ snaps at a time! In this video you will see me blowing a few big bubbles but mainly doing a lot of bubble gum snapping. I am getting SO good at this! I have some impressive snaps in this video… bubblegum lovers must see this!

Runtime: 6 minutes.

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Chewing and Popping Bubble Gum


This is a requested video from a fan! Be sure to send in your request by either emailing me or using the feedback feature! In this video I am wearing a tank top and cute striped knee socks. I have some bubble gum and I am chewing it. I already have a piece in my mouth but I add another and chew it noisily.I start blowing bubbles with my gum and I blow so many! I blow big bubbles and small bubbles. Some of them pop on their own and other I suck back into my mouth before blowing another. I noisily chew my gum and blow my bubbles in a few different positions including doggystyle and there is a lot of pussy rubbing and spreading in this video. This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 9 minutes.

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Bubble Gum and Pantyhose!

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!

I was thinking maybe a 20 minute video. Start out sitting in a short dress, bare legs, and chewing gum. (Snapping, popping bubbles, blowing huge bubbles.) You are waiting for me to pick you up and take you to a five star restaurant. I enter. You say hello to me and you can’t wait to see where I’m taking you for dinner. You continue to crack gum, snap bubbles, and blow huge bubbles. You sense something is wrong. Then you realize that I hate bare legs and prefer legs in pantyhose. You take out a brand new pair of pantyhose from the wrapper and put them on very slowly like you are teasing me. You continue to crack gum, snap bubbles, and blow huge bubbles. You adjust your pantyhose, make sure everything is okay with them, and just sit there running your hands over your legs felling how smooth your legs are while cracking gum, snapping bubbles, and blowing huge bubbles. Then, somehow you get a run in your pantyhose. Do your best to make it look like and accident. Perhaps jewelry, a ring, a fingernail, etc. went through your pantyhose. Yell out “Oh no! I have a run in my pantyhose! What am I going to do?” Lots and lots of room here to ad lib. Finally you take out a bottle of nail polish and apply it to your pantyhose to try to stop the run. All along you are cracking gum, snapping bubbles, and blowing huge bubbles. When the polish dries, pull your pantyhose up in an attempt to hide the run under your dress.

Then start looking over your legs to make sure you don’t have any more runs. Then ask me to check the backs of your legs for runs since you can’t see the backs of your legs. Then, pull your dress up, show me your ass, and ask if you have any runs in your ass. (I hope you can do this with only the pantyhose on – no underwear.) Then you ask me if I like your ass in pantyhose? Then encourage me to cum as you slowly move your pantyhosed ass back and fourth in front of the camera. Save your best cracking, snapping, and bubble popping for the end. The last several minutes of the video should be just your pantyhosed ass shaking back and fourth with your loudest snapping and cracking. Maybe encourage me to cum once or twice again.

Runtime: 20 minutes.

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