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Hot Girl Washing Long Hair Sudsy Hair Washing Clip

It’s been years since I’ve done a hair washing video and I’ve been receiving quite a few requests for it lately. I love taking bubble baths but I rarely have time… I did find some free time today and I wanted to share the experience with you! I am sitting in my hot bath full of bubbles and my long dark brown hair is curly. I start out by pouring water on my hair soaking my curls and making my hair heavy and straight. Once my hair is saturate with water I get a few squirts of shampoo and start lathering my long brown hair. I lather it so good that I have piles of soapy bubbles on my hands, down my neck, and in my hair. Once I am done with the first lather I rinse my hair free of shampoo and I get a few more squirts of shampoo. I start lathering my hair again and this time there are twice as many soapy bubbles. I lather and lather making sure my hair is spotless and clean before I do a final rinse. Beautiful crystal clear high definition video, you must see this one!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

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Chewing and Popping Bubble Gum


This is a requested video from a fan! Be sure to send in your request by either emailing me or using the feedback feature! In this video I am wearing a tank top and cute striped knee socks. I have some bubble gum and I am chewing it. I already have a piece in my mouth but I add another and chew it noisily.I start blowing bubbles with my gum and I blow so many! I blow big bubbles and small bubbles. Some of them pop on their own and other I suck back into my mouth before blowing another. I noisily chew my gum and blow my bubbles in a few different positions including doggystyle and there is a lot of pussy rubbing and spreading in this video. This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy hot girl wearing cute striped socks chews bubble gum and blows and pops big bubbles for you while showing off her sexy shaved pussy. You’ll love watching Kristi spread her pussy while chewing, snapping and popping her bubblegum in this sex hot girl bubble gum fetish clip!