Hello son. I bet you are surprised to see your mother dressed this way, aren’t you? I know you are… and there is a special reason as to why I am dressed like this. You have been a very bad boy as of late and it’s time for you to be punished. This punishment is going to be the worst yet… I haven’t washed myself in 2 weeks just to make sure my ass was extra stinky for today’s punishment.

But first, before we get started with that. I want you to think back to the very first time I ever caught you spying on… do you remember? Oh yes, you remember… you remember the day that mommy was fixing the busted pipe… in her pantyhose. You were standing back in the shadows, spying on me in the most inappropriate way. You saw everything that day… then you violated me. You stuck your face in my ass and smelled my heavenly scent without permission. You made me do things that day that a mother should never have to do with her son. You got away with it that day… but not today.

Now, let’s get back to today. Today, mommy will not be violated… today, mommy will do the violating. I’ve thought long and hard about this and I’ve decided that if my son is such a perv that he wants to smell his mother’s sweaty ass, then I am going to take it a step further.

You are going to worship my sweaty ass and pussy today. You will be mommy’s ass bitch today. You will lick, clean, sniff and worship my ass and pussy. You are nothing more than my ass slave from now on. I think I’ll even make you worship my sweaty feet, too. After all, this is by far the best punishment for a pervy boy. And today… well, I think you owe me for being a good mother and putting up with your disobedience. I think I’ll even use your mouth and tongue to get my pussy off. Yes… there is nothing more severe than having your mother grind her sweet pussy and sweaty ass all over your face until she cums.

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