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Here’s a #TittyTuesday pic for you! Be sure to check out my site for 20,000+ pictures for only $14.95!


Here is a #TittyTuesday picture for you! This picture came out of my last photo set which can be found here.

I hope you enjoy your fabulous Tuesday!



I am soooo insanely happy that it is yet again Friday. I love Friday’s because it means I don’t have to get up at 5:30AM, I get to sleep in until 6:30AM!! Hah lame I know right? I haven’t slept past 8AM a single day in the past 10 years and probably won’t for atleast another 10.

Here is a #FriskyFriday picture for all of you!

I went out for lunch today and drank lots of yummy top shelf margaritas and they were so good. It’s been a while since I have went out an drank something other than wine. I already wish I had another… pity. I’ll be going to town in a while to stock up on weekend wine.

One of my new year’s resolution was so stop procrastinating and work as hard as I could this year since I have been in slacker mode for the past 5 or so years. I am very proud of myself because I have taken virtually no days off at all since the 1st of the year and I plan on keeping it that way. I do get tired of sitting infront of the computer editing clips and junk so this weekend I am going to take it a bit easier than I usually do. I might or might not do clips and I am basically going to lay around in bed working on online stuff IF I want to and not just because I feel like I need to. Everybody needs a break now and again! I must say I am a hard working woman, or atleast I am now, I was the world’s biggest slacker a few months ago.

Anyways, that is all! Hope you all have a great weekend!