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Sheer Purple Fullback Crotchless Panty JOI

I have a very special treat for you, panty lover. I am wearing a pair of sheer purple fullback crotchless panties and I just know they are going to make your cock harder than it’s ever been before! I show off my big juicy ass in this sexy panties while giving you amazing JOI. I make you jerk your dick while looking at my perfect pink pussy peeking out from under my fullback crotchless panties. I spread my pussy lips wide and encourage you to build up the biggest load ever… and when it’s time to cum you are going to explode all over my panty cover ass after an incredible cum countdown! Don’t miss this one!

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Runtime: 8 minutes.

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JOI for My Feet and Ass in Pink Cheetah Fullback Panties

My big juicy ass and sexy feet are back again to milk your cock! You definitely need a good stroke session and amazing orgasm today and that is exactly what I am going to do for you. I am wearing my sexy pink cheetah full back panties and my toes are painted a very sexy red. I am going to make you stroke your cock while teasing you with my sexy big butt and wrinkled feet. I am going to make you stroke faster and faster for my feet and ass until you cannot possibly take any more… then I will drain those balls until they are completely empty. You won’t soon forget how good it felt to stroke for my sexy feet and ass…. will you?

Runtime: 8 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy Kristi shows off her wrinkled soles and sexy feet while teasing you with her big booty in cute pink panties. Kristi makes you jack your dick while watching her feet and ass until she milks a huge nut right out of your balls in this sexy foot fetish ass worship clip.

JOI for My Winking Asshole and Wrinkled Feet with Kinky Kristi

Are you horny today? I hope so because I am going to use my delicious body to thoroughly drain your cock! I know just how much you love looking at my sexy asshole and my sexy feet while I am giving you jerk off instruction. I am going to guide you through the most amazing JOI session to my sexy winking asshole and wrinkled soles until you give me a HUGE load! Be ready to be drained!

Runtime: 11 minutes.

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Booty Shaking and Jerk Off Instruction in Cute Panties

I am wearing my sexy cherry top and my even sexier purple lace panties in this video. I show off my super hot body for you and I know you are getting hard just seeing me prance around in these skimpy clothes. I tease you more showing off my ass and shaking it a bit. I slide down my top and let you see my perfect DD titties then I tell you to grab your cock and start stroking it for me. I encourage you to stroke while I am stripping down and showing off my body. I get my ass close to the camera and spread it for you while guiding you to an intense orgasm…. you are going to milk every drop of cum for my big ass today!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Kinky camgirl Kristi shows off her big booty with some sexy booty shaking and jerk off instruction! She teases you with her big cakey ass in panties while shaking and bouncing her booty then she makes you grab your cock and stroke it so good while receiving booty shaking jerk off instruction and a cum countdown in this sexy booty shaking clip!

Cherry Top and Purple Panties Booty Shake

I know just how hard a big fat white ass gets your cock and today that’s exactly what I am going to give you! I am wearing my sexy cherry top and purple lace panties. I prance around showing off my incredible body then I start shaking my ass. I shake it so good for you in my panties then I slide them off and do a bit of spreading and more booty shaking! There is no music in this video, just my dialogue!

Runtime: 7 minutes.

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Nothing More Than a Fucking ASS Loser

You are truly a loser. You will never be anything more than a loser for a beautiful Princess ass, especially mine. My big thick white ass makes you weak. My ass controls you, it owns you. When you see my big beautiful ass filling up your computer screen you have no choice but to obey every single thing I say to you….no matter how fucked up it is. Today I just want one thing from you, one simple thing….so simple that even a loser like you would have a hard time fucking it up. You are going to clean this Goddess ass today. You are going to worship my big thick ass like it is your fucking religion. I will spread my supple ass cheeks apart and you will bury your face in my ass, licking my Goddess asshole clean just like the loser you are. Yes loser, lap it up just like a fucking d o g because that is all that you are. You are just a fucking loser for Princess Kristi’s ass and that’s all you will ever be.

Runtime: 8 minutes.

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Smoking VS 120 in Yoga Pants Smoking Fetish

It’s time for me to smoke another delicious Virginia Slim 120s and this time I am wearing my sexy yoga pants. I am such a hot little body and I love showing it off for you while I am smoking. It doesn’t take me long before I have my boobs pulled out so you can see my delicious DD tits while I am smoking. I keep puffing away on my long white cigarette while showing off my body then I pull down my yoga pants and show off my big luscious ass! I continue to smoke while wiggling my ass in your face until my cigarette is all gone. So a sexy smoking tease video!

Runtime: 8 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy Kinky Kristi loves smoking cigarettes for you while wearing grey yoga pants! Kristi loves showing off her big white booty while indulging in your hot girl smoking fetish in this delicious teasing smoking fetish clip!

Kinky Kristi Blows Up Balloons and Pops Balloons Looner Fetish

This is a custom made video (no personal names are used in this video), email me to order yours!
I’d like for you to be laying on your bed on your stomach, facing the camera with your legs crossed at the ankles, (as if you were watching T.V. as you may have done when you were a little girl) barefoot fully nude with 3 balloons. (A side shot of this would be most preferable) Blow up the first one as LARGE as you can, right before it pops. Tie it off and then position yourself kneeling on the bed (all fours) and place the balloon on the back of your calves with the neck of the balloon facing towards the camera so I can see the neck bulge when you begin to sit on it. Take the second balloon into your mouth and begin to blow while grinding on the balloon beneath your ass, resting on your calves. Be careful not to pop it just yet though. Continue to blow up the second balloon up as LARGE as you can. But this time, blow it up half way and then begin to blow and then take the air back into your mouth (as if you’re huffing the balloon). So it will be inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale all with the balloon in your mouth. After you’ve done this several times, continue to blow up the balloon larger and larger, until it’s about to pop and tie it off. Then continue to grind into the balloon beneath you until it pops. Then take the balloon you just blew up and step to pop it slowly as illustrated in the below picture. With the last balloon, I’d like for you to be lying on your back this time and raise your legs in the air with your legs crossed at the ankles and begin blowing up the balloon as large as you can. When the balloon gets to a large size, I’d like for you to take your legs and wrap them around the balloon while you’re blowing it. When it’s finally large enough, tie it off and position yourself with the balloon against the wall with the neck facing upwards and place your feet on the balloon with your legs crossed at the ankles with your feet arched. Begin to press on the balloon slowly until it finally pops.

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy fetish lover Kinky Kristi loves performing your kinky fantasy in your very own personal custom video! She loves blowing up balloons and popping them for all of your looner fans out there in this sexy hot girls balloon popping fetish clip!