Surrogacy Video Diary: Part 1

Hello Mister Daddy! I know this is going to be such an awesome surprise since this is the first time you’ve seen me since the procedure. I wanted to make this video diary to congratulate you because you have a baby inside me! I wanted to thank you again for choosing me to be your surrogate and you are going to get the best baby ever! I am the best surrogate around and you will soon see why. So, I want to keep you informed on everything that is happening during this pregnancy, since it is your baby after all. My belly is getting so big and it’s actually getting a little fuzzy too! I am going to tell you about my cravings and how your baby really loves it when I drink Coke… which makes me burp a lot! I am going to tell you about every detail of this pregnancy that I have experienced so far and especially all about my bloated belly! Oh but I forgot, I have a doctor’s appointment I need to go to. I’ll continue this video diary as soon as I get back.

Ok so I’m back from the doctor’s office. They said everything was going great! I’m measuring like a month ahead and the baby is doing so well! They said this is the perfect pregnancy! I want to show off my baby bump for you because I know you want to experience everything in this pregnancy just like I am. Doesn’t it look so cute? My belly is already so big and I am only 16 weeks! Just imagine how much bigger it is going to be! Well, I will be sure to make another diary here in a month or so when my belly is even bigger! I just LOVE having your baby inside of me!

Runtime: 20 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your first ever video diary with your surrogate is going to be an exciting experience! This is the first time you have been able to see the woman carrying your child. She is excited to tell you that everything went great and she is carrying your baby in her belly. She shows off her sexy pregnant belly and tells you all about her pregnancy so far. She tells you about her pregnancy cravings and doctors appointments and promises to come back for another pregnancy surrogacy diary very soon!

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