Stroke Before Your Date Loser!

Hey loser! I heard you had a hot date tonight.. that you actually found a girl dumb enough to go out with you! I really can’t believe it. I guess you got super lucky, huh? Well… don’t count your blessings yet… you have to play with me first! I know you are a total loser and even the dumbest girl wouldn’t actually let you get into her pants but I want some extra reassurance that even if you do get that lucky, you won’t be able to perform for her. You are too much of a loser to get laid, the only thing you deserve is watching my videos and fucking your hand. You definitely don’t deserve any pussy, that’s for sure! So get ready loser! You are going to jerk off for ME before you go on your date! Oh don’t try to resist, there is NO way you could resist stroking for me once you see what I am wearing. I am going to let you jerk that pathetic loser cock so good and I am going to fully drain it as well. Good luck getting it up later, loser!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

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