Skinny Girl Getting Fat Over Eating Pizza Clip

I am a petite woman but I love to sit down and eat a ton of food! I notice that I always eat more when I am doing something else like browsing on my phone. Tonight I had the super munchies and cooked myself a ton of mini pizzas. I sit down on my bed and get lost in my phone while shoveling pizza after pizza into my mouth. Before I know it I have ate every single mini pizza and I am SO bloated! My belly is pushed out and making me feel like I am pregnant! This is a voyeur face stuffing video!

Runtime: 20 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy petite MILF Kristi eats way too many mini pizzas and causes a huge food bloated belly after face stuffing and over eating too much food and getting fat and gaining wet in this food stuffing clip!

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