Mommy’s Smoking Handjob and Cumshot with More 100s

Hey sweetie… what are you doing? I thought I told you I didn’t want you sneaking around anymore. I know you like watching mommy smoke and I’m totally ok with it so I don’t want you hiding and sneaking peeks at me anymore. If you want to watch mommy smoke, come sit down with me…

That’s it… good boy. See? mommy always knows what her boy wants… and she loves to give it to you. Now, what do you want tonight? Mmmhmm… I see… You want mommy to touch…. that…. while she is smoking, don’t you? Yes… you certainly do.

You love it when mommy strokes you while she is smoking her More 100s and mommy loves blowing smoke all over your cock while she is jerking it. So no more sneaking around… if you want mommy to make you cum with her sexy hands and smoking, drop your pants and get over here!

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Mommy’s Mindfuck Therapy

Kristi is a very successful hypn0tist therapist. Her son is away at college and he seems to be struggling with a lot of stress from the big change in his life. He calls his mother Kristi one day just to vent a little. Kristi has been trying to convince him to try her therapy just one time, she knows it would help him so much! Today must have been a special day because her son finally agrees to let his mother put him under and find the cause of all of his stress.

He arrives at her office and she explains the process and then they begin. It doesn’t take long for him to fall under… then Kristi starts probing deep into his mind… she starts off with a few mundane questions until she is shocked to look down and see her son with a huge hard on in his pants!

She begins to question him about why his dick is hard in her office… and that’s when she finds out what has truly been bothering her sweet son. He is attracted to his mother. He wants her, he longs for her and not being able to have her? Well, it’s definitely the cause of his stress. He tries to make up for the inadequacy of not having his mother by dating girls who look like her… but obviously that hasn’t been working.

Kristi is quite shocked by these findings but being the professional she is, she understands that this is a primal urge and is her son is to ever lead a fulfilling life, his urges must be met… by his mother.

She grabs his cock and starts stroking while he is still under… planting the seeds of obsession into his mind. He will only want his mother for now on… he will no longer date other women… his cock belongs solely to mommy. This is the only way…

She brings him back awake and tells him to lie down… she hikes her skirt up and pulls her tits out and she climbs on top of his hard cock. She slides it into her pussy and begins to fuck her son with a hunger so strong they can both feel it.

Yes, this is just the way it’s meant to be… his cock belongs to mommy.

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Homo Stroke

This video is for the biggest fags of them. The faggots who know their only place in this life is to suck cock. They don’t want to pretend that they are not a complete fucking homo, they know they are. They know the only things of importance in their faggot lives are big hard cocks, sweaty hairy balls, stinky bull balls, throbbing Alpha cock and being used as nothing more than a fuck hole. Having your asshole and your mouth used as nothing more than cum receptacles, being treated like a little homo sissy bitch made for nothing more than taking hard cocks balls deep up your ass and sucking on sweaty hairy balls.

So if you are this kind of raging homo, grab your faggot stick and get ready to stroke while I explain to you that pleasing another man’s cock is the whole purpose of your life.

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It’s So Easy to Make You Gay

Hello pet. I must give you fair warning before you purchase this clip… This video will be an intense mind fuck… it will bring your inner faggot out from deep inside of you. I know you think that you are not a total homo but we both know that is a lie. You try to deny it but those urges… those cravings… will always be inside of you… just waiting to be released…. by me.

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The Homewrecking Bestie Takes Your Cock

Your wife’s best friend Kristi invited you both to a party and there was plenty of alcohol to be had. Your wife was drinking entirely too much and eventually she was so buzzed that you all had to go home so she could go to bed. Kristi asked if she could come crash at your place so you all left for home.

Sometime later that night as you were drifting off to rest you felt a hand running up your chest. You look over and see her… your wife’s best friend… bent over your bed… touching you… whispering naughty things to you. She wants you and this is a perfect opportunity to take what she wants.

She knows your wife all to well… she gets too buzzed and nothing can wake her up. Kristi climbs on top of you, telling you about how she’s always wanted your cock. She teases you… talking louder and louder, flipping your wife off, calling her names… almost as if she is trying to get you caught!

You are powerless to resist even though you are so afraid that your wife is going to wake up and find your fucking her best friend. Kristi is bouncing up and down on your cock… calling your wife a whore, yelling at her all while grinding her incredibly wet pussy up and down on your cock.

Nothing else matters now… you don’t care if your wife wakes up… all you can think about is how good this pussy feels and how hard you are going to cum inside of it.

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Don’t Be Ashamed to Fuck Mommy

Sweetie… we need to talk. I accidentally snooped on your phone today and I saw that website you were on… and I saw your messages too! Why were you calling those older women “mommy”? You know I’m the only mommy you have and it hurts my feelings a whole lot to see you calling another woman “mommy”.

I started thinking about it and I realized that you are grown now… you have needs… you are craving something that you haven’t been getting and I know exactly what it is.

It’s me… your mother… you need your mommy’s touch… her attention… you need to feel the warmth of her lips pressed against yours. You need me. I’m here for you now. I didn’t know… but now I do and everything is going to change.

mommy is going to take care of you now… the way only a mother could.

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Pervy Brother Gets Ass Punishment from Sister

Omg… I just can’t believe I caught you doing… THAT! I knew you were up to something… it was awfully suspicious that my panties kept coming up missing and you were always in the bathroom. I’ve caught you in the act this time and you are going to pay, little bro. I’m not telling the parentals, either. They never do anything to you when you are in trouble so I am going to punish you myself this time.

Oh little bro, you fucked up SO bad. I just got back from cheer and my ass is SO sweaty. Like completely fucking ripe, dirty, sweaty ass and guess what? You like smelling my dirty panties so much I am going to give you the real deal.

You are going to worship, sniff and lick every bit of my dirty asshole and crack as your punishment for being a panty sniffing perv! Oh and that’s not all… I have something in mind as well. You are going to have to stroke your pathetic dick and catch your cum for the next part. I hope you are ready for a disgusting treat right in your mouth!

Maybe this will teach you to quit being such a little freak!!

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Baby Making Practice with Mommy (Fuck Machine)

(This video features my fuck machine for the first time, you don’t want to miss this!)

Kristi is a loving mother and she worries quite a bit about her sweet son. He is so naive to things that he really should understand and Kristi tries her best to prepare her son for the future. She recently heard that her son was asking questions… questions about sex… about how babies are made… and Kristi knew she needed to talk to him.

She calls him into the room and questions him for a moment… it doesn’t take long for the truth to come out. Yes, he is curious about how babies are made and he wants to find out. It’s a good thing that he has a mommy as awesome as Kristi because she knows exactly what to do!

She asks her son if he wants to practice making a baby… with mommy! This is the best way to find out, she says. After all, making a baby is super fun and it can’t be wrong if you do it with mommy. Kristi calls her boy closer… she tells him to pull his pants down… and she begins to explain just how to make a baby.

First she starts with her mouth on his cock… you must make the penis hard and slippery before you can make a baby, she tells her son. Then, after the penis is so hard and lubricated, mommy will climb on top and ride it. But having mommy on top is definitely not the best position for ejaculating, she explains.

Kristi lies back on couch and tells her son to come closer. She wants his penis in her vagina… she wants her son to fuck her pussy… to build up a huge load of semen and to ejaculate in mommy’s pussy. Yes baby, that’s right. Deep inside mommy’s pussy, that’s where you want to put your sperm, that’s how you make a baby with mommy!

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