Mommy’s Sissy

Honey, guess what I did today? I cleaned your room… and I found something… Want to take a guess at what I found? Mmmhmm… I found my bra and my panties in your room… again. I see you are back to doing the same thing that got you punished last time.

I don’t understand what your fascination is with being a girl. Are you going to turn in to one of those cock hungry sissy whores? I bet you are.. infact, I can see it now. You’ll be guzzling cum before you know it. You are such a sissy whore and you are going to be treated like a sissy whore.

Why do you insist on taking my lingerie? Do you think I really want to share my lingerie with my sissy son? No, I don’t and infact, here, you take these. That is your very own pair of bra and panties and you are going to wear them every single day from now on.

You want to dress up and play like a sissy girl? Well you are going to be my sissy girl from now on. Put on that bra and panties and get ready to cum like a girl. You no longer have a penis… you have a sissy girly clit now and you will rub it just like a clit until you squirt your sissy juice.

That’s right, rub your clitty and cum for mommy, you sissy whore.

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