Mommy Laughs at Your Small Dick and Makes You Jerk for Her

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You walk into your bedroom coming home early from work. Youre wondering what the fuck Im doing in your bedroom. You see me with a pair of your panties in my hand and have one hand in my pants. You call me a pervert and are grossed out and mad but also curious; you want to see how big her son’s dick is. You directly say, “I want to see how big your dick is since you’re older now”. You ask me to show it to you. I’m really embarrassed at this point. You mention that since I am getting older that I would probably have a huge dick since my father does. You say that it would be kinda hot to find out that my son has a huge dick. You would tell all your girlfriends that your son has a big dick. You tell me to pull my fucking pants down. I’m really scared to do that so you pull my pants & boxers off for me. You give a little surprised face from reacting that your pervy little son has a small dick. You try not to laugh. You degrade me for a little bit. You wanna see me jerk it with me having the panties wrapped around my dick and see how hard I can get. You encourage me to keep going using JOI motions. You mention not to tell anyone. You ask me if I jerkoff in the shower thinking about your big boobs and your cleavage, and I say yes as you play with your boobs while bending over. I tell you that I also jerkoff to your pictures, and you call me sick and gross. You are not surprised since youre positive that the young high school boys that I’m friends with do it all the time thinking about your big boobs and jerking their small dicks to your pictures right when they get home . You think it’s so hot that young horny from my school masturbate to your pictures. You can’t believe that this is happening, but also turned on without telling me. You are wondering how long its going to take before I cum in front of you. You mention that you love to go online and watch random, young, big dick jerkoff and shoot their cum everywhere. You think that my load won’t be very big. Then you see me cum and you give me the oh my god reaction (big eyed, hand covering mouth) because I shot it everywhere all over your panties. You tell me that was one of the biggest loads you have ever seen. You tell me that my dick isnt that small but big dicks only work for me. You call me creepy and gross. You tell me to get the fuck out and to wash your panties. You continue to make fun of my small dick.

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