Hungry Giantess Eats Many Tiny Shrunken Men

I am a very hungry Giantess because I have been on a diet lately. I was getting too big around the middle with all the shrunken men I was eating so I cut them out of my diet. Imagine my surprise today when I walk into my living room only to find 6 tiny men in my house! I was so angry and hungry, I didn’t care why they were in my house…. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to resist these tasty little men. I lift each shrunken man up, one by one, dropping them into my mouth and swallowing each one whole. I tease and taunt each little man as I am holding him in the air close to my mouth. I taste test some of them and others I all but immediately swallow whole. They fight and plead but nothing works, I am too hungry to change my mind now. Mmmm, this was the tastiest snack ever… I just hate the way I can still feel them moving around in my belly after I swallow them. Oh little men, can’t you just please be still and wait for my stomach to digest you?!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

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