Humiliation Tasks for Losers

It’s time for you to provide your Princess with some much needed humiliation fun! You are going to be my little puppet today, doing whatever I tell you to do. I am going to think of several ways that you can totally humiliate yourself for me and I am going to get so much enjoyment from it! You are here for my laughs today, loser! Don’t worry, everything that I ask you to do can be done in the privacy of your home right in front of your computer screen so buy this clip and give me some laughs, loser! Let’s see how many different ways you can humiliate yourself for me today!

Runtime: 9 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your sexy Princess needs some laughs at your expense, loser! You are going to be commanded to do several different humiliating tasks for your femdom Princess Kristi while she laughs and tells you what a loser you are! Get ready piggy, it’s time to make a fool of yourself… again!! Haha!

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