How Important Do You Think Education Is?

This is another issue of my blog challenge:

How important do I think education is? It depends on what you want to do with your life. Honestly I don’t think a formal education is that important at all. Sure if you want to be a doctor or lawyer it is but anybody can succeed and be successful in life with no education whatsoever. I speak from personal experience. I am a high school and college drop out and I am very successful. My husband is also a high school and college drop out and he is also very successful. Combined he and I own 3 seperate successful businesses and neither one of us has a formal education. These days an education doesn’t mean anything. Just because you drop 100k on a college diploma doesn’t mean shit and it certainly doesn’t mean you are going to get a job. Out of all of my friends, I gross the most per year (almost double what they make) and I am the ONLY one that did not go to college. Point made.

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