Hot Girlfriend Overeats and Face Stuffs Too Much Food Bloated Belly

Hi babe! Thanks for bringing me lunch! What did you bring? It sure does smell good. Let me see it…. BABE! What the hell? This is a HUGE sandwich… you know I never order the large sandwich from my favorite sandwich place. There is no way I can possible eat all of this…. Well, it’s your fault you spent so much on lunch, you knew better than to try and make be break my diet! I have been working so hard to lose this last bit of weight and then you bring me a huge lunch like this! Don’t be a dick and quit trying to make me feel bad that I don’t want to eat this! Fine! I’ll eat as much as I can but I seriously doubt I’ll be able to eat all of this… I can’t believe you are emotionally blackmailing me in to gorging myself and making my belly bloated eating all of this food! This sandwich is going to go straight to my ass!

Runtime: 14 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Your sexy hot girlfriend gorging on too much food and getting a huge bloated food belly from overeating and facestuffing so much food! You are going to love seeing this hot girl’s big bloated food belly in this face stuffing food stuffing clip!

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