Home Wrecking Ex-Girlfriend

Hey… so glad you showed up! So are we on to watch that movie or…?

What do you mean no? I thought we had this planned, we were just going to hang out as “friends” and watch a movie! Oh… I see… this is the bed we used to have sex on. I get it. Too many memories… freaky memories… and you’re trying to be all perfect and everything for your new fiance.

That’s fine… whatever… no big deal… I’m over you anyways, I’ve already moved on so it’s fine, really.

Hey, my 30th birthday is coming up pretty soon and remember that deal we made years ago? If we weren’t married with offspring by the time we were 30, we’d make a baby together. So… I want to do it! Ugh, are you serious? You are backing out of that too? Yeah, yeah, I get it, you want your first baby to be with “her”. Fine, whatever.

Ok, I have one last idea for the night. Remember all the times you cummed in my pussy? Remember how fantastic it was… well, do you want to cum in my pussy one last time? Come on, you know you want to. You always did tell me my pussy was the best… the tightest… the wettest… oh goodie! I knew you would want to.

Mmm… deep in my pussy… yes, fill me up one last time.

Oh yes… such a load… a great big load of… SPERM! I just want to say thank you for the early birthday present! You just dumped millions of sperm inside me and now they are all racing towards the egg… and they are going to find it, you fool! I guess I’ll be seeing you in about 9 months, won’t I, baby daddy?

Hope your fiance doesn’t find out!

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