Giantess Kristi’s New Sex Toy (with Vore)

Giantess Kristi is a very horny giantess and she had recently heard of a very special type of little man… a tiny little shrunken man that can survive digestion! When she heard of this incredible little man she just knew she had to have one… so she ordered her very own and eagerly awaited his arrival.

The day final arrives and Giantess Kristi couldn’t be more excited! She looks at the tiny little man and instantly starts scheming of all the way she is going to use him. She quickly introduces herself then she snatches the little man up and begins to play…

First, she makes him lick and worship her big Giantess asshole but that’s not enough… she soon makes him pleasure her pussy. She tells the little man that if he can make her cum, she won’t eat him. He tries his hardest but it just isn’t working… Giantess Kristi explains that she just can’t cum without having a tiny little man running around in her belly.

She grabs him up and drops him in her mouth, savoring his taste before swallowing him alive. She feels the tiny man drop into her belly and her pussy instantly gets even wetter. She rubs her clit faster and faster while feeling the tiny man moving around in her belly. It doesn’t take long before she orgasms so hard… all thanks to the tiny little shrunken man.

Orgasms always make the Giantess sleepy so she decides to take a nap…. and after her nap, she always needs to use the toilet. Once she wakes up, she feels the urge so she sits on her toilet throne and begins the process. She is extra excited about this time because she wants to see if it was true… could this tiny little man really survive digestion?? It sounds impossible but she is only a few moments away from finding out!

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