Fuck Your Wife, Fuck Your Life

Hello again pet. You are going to be shocked with some very powerful information today. I know everything about you, your wife and your life. With this information I can make you do anything I want you to do… if you don’t want to completely fuck your life. I have asked you so many times before to quit fucking that gross sweaty hog face whore of a wife and you still haven’t. You still stick your dick in that stanky sweaty pussy all the time and I am absolutely sick of it. I told you that you were only allowed to stroke for me and today I’ll make sure that you never get your dick hard for your wife again. See, if you don’t commit to only cumming for me from now on, I’ll be emailing your fat pig wife pictures of my cute baby bump and I’ll tell her that I am carrying your illegitimate . You both know that this isn’t your baby… but your wifey doesn’t know that! I wonder how much damage I could do to your life by just sending a few pics of my big beautiful pregnant belly to your gross hog wife? I’m sure I could completely fuck everything up for you. The only way you can me from destroying your life is pulling your cock out and jerking for me… and only me… from now on. Are you ready pet? Just remember… if you fuck your wife, you’ll be fucking your life.

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Pregnant femdom Princess Kristi enjoys telling you that your cum belongs to her, not your wife. She is tired of you fucking your wife and today she is raising the stakes. You are not allowed to fuck your wife anymore… she is a disgusting fat pig and Kristi is the only woman you will cum for anymore. Kristi is sexiest pregnant home wrecker and you will follow her homewrecking joi instructions!

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