First Time for Everything

Sexy mommy Kristi is just about done cleaning up so she stops by her son’s room to make sure he cleaned too. When she pops in she sees her son lying in bed and he hasn’t done anything! His room is filthy, his bed is a mess… but that’s ok. Kristi is a loving mother and she doesn’t mind making her sweet boy’s bed every now and again. She climbs on the bed and straightens out the blankets then she turns around to talk to her son.

He has a…. weird look on his face. She can tell something is wrong. She comes closer and questions her son on what is wrong… but it doesn’t take long to figure it out. There is a bulge under the blanket… she suspects it might be…. but no, it can’t be!

But it is… her son has an erection… his first erection apparently! Kristi realizes what has happened but she doesn’t know what to do! An erection? Haven’t you ever had one of these before, she asks? Don’t you know how to take care of it yourself?

The poor boy doesn’t and he almost looks ashamed but Kristi snaps into loving mommy mode and reassures him that it is fine… it’s just an erection and they are easy to take care of! Here, she says,… let mommy show you how easy and fun it can be to make the erection go away… and next time you’ll know how to do it yourself!

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