Eating the Neighbor Boy

You just moved into a new neighbor and you’ve been noticing this incredible hot neighbor of yours and there is something different about her… she has a huge round belly and it is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. You are absolutely intrigued by your neighbor’s big round belly and you can’t help but stand there staring at her completely mesmerized by the gorgeous round belly.

Much to your surprise your neighbor invites you over to her house and you are totally excited to finally meet this erotic big bellied woman. You go over to her house and introduce yourself… she is just as sexy as you thought she would be!

It’s too bad that you don’t have the hindsight to know to turn back now…. if only you knew these next few minutes would be the last minutes of your life. Your obsession with big round bellies is going to be the very thing that ends it all…. this big beautiful round belly is your cruel fate.

Little did you know that all of recent disappearances of the young neighbor boys was because of your incredibly erotic big bellied neighbor. If only you would have known that the very reason why your neighbor’s belly was so big is because…. she has been luring the young neighbor boys to her house and eating them! She must have 3 or 4 neighbor boys in her belly right now!

By the time you realize what is happening it is too late. Your neighbor is hungry again and is looking at you with devious eyes. She offers you one last out before she eats you…. if you are able to survive 10 seconds of tickling without laughing you can leave unharmed. This sounds like an easy out but don’t get too excited yet, no boy has ever beat this beautiful big bellied woman at her own game yet.

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