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Mommy Gets Stuck Under the Bed

Mommy Kristi finally has a date after several weeks of going without. She is looking for her “lucky” panties but isn’t having any luck finding them! She searches all over her room, bending over and flashing her bare pussy under her skirt. She finally spots them and slides them up under her skirt.

She turns to leave the room when she spots him! Her naughty pervy son! Poor mommy Kristi has had nothing but trouble with her son. He is constantly hiding in various places, spying on her in various states of undress. She has punished him numerous times but it never seems to help. She is starting to feel completely helpless against her horny son.

She spots him hiding under the bed and immediately questions what he is doing. He explains that he dropped his phone under the bed but cannot find it. Kristi doesn’t want to be late for her date so she bends down and crawls under the bed to look. She quickly finds it and as she begins to crawl out she realizes that she is stuck under the bed!

Now she really is helpless against her horny son. Her bare ass and pussy is in open view and there is no way she is going to stop what’s coming next…

Her son seizes the opportunity to shove his face in her ass, sniffing her delicious scent. She yells at him to stop but it only causes him to get deeper in her ass. She soon realizes that there is nothing she can do… so she reluctantly gives in to his desires.

She allows him to devour her pussy and ass and after a bit, she starts to get wet and wants more. She promises her son that if he lets her out from under the bed, she will let him eat her pussy as much as he wants and she will help his cock cum too! He lifts the bed and she rolls over… lifts up her ass and shoves her wet mommy pussy in his face while telling her naughty horny son to stroke…

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Mommy Wants You to Know

Hey sweetie. I hope you don’t mind me sending you this little video. I sure have missed you terribly since you’ve left for college. I was waiting to tell you all of this when you came back home but I just can’t wait any longer… I have to tell you how I feel!

My sweet son, I love you so much but…. well, I feel as if we were meant to be together not just as mother and son but also as lovers. I’ve watched you grow into a handsome man and I’ve been lusting after you for months now! I have a feeling you feel the same way about me… I’ve seen the way you look at me. The spark of desire in your eyes.

Oh son! How I wish you were here right now but this video will just have to do. mommy’s pussy is wet… so wet for your cock. I know you are hard for me too. I want you to touch yourself for mommy… and I will touch myself for you.

Look at how wet you make mommy’s pussy! You like that, don’t you? Don’t you wish you could feel how wet I am? I would love to feel your hard cock in my pussy… Do it sweetie, touch yourself, stroke your cock for mommy. I want to make you cum for me tonight just like I would if you were really here.

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Queen Mommy Thrones the New King

Kristi is the queen of a beautiful kingdom and life couldn’t be more perfect…. except for the king. Kristi absolutely despises him. He is an arrogant ruler and treats Kristi and her son as if they were mere peasants.

Queen Kristi has finally had enough… she arranges a secret meeting with her son. When he arrives, she begins to tell him the plan. The king must be dethroned! There is only one way that will work… he must have an unfortunate accident so that Kristi’s handsome son will be throned the new king.

It’s all part of her plan… she has lusted for her son for years and he is finally ready to be the new king… to be her lover… to put a baby… the future king into her belly!

But first, she must make him a man… and there is only one way to do that!

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Mommy Misses You When You Are Away at Camp

Hey sweetie! I am making this little video to send you at camp because I miss you SO much! I just know how much you miss mommy, too. I know it’s hard to be away from me while you are at camp but it’s ok, I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself!

I also know that some of your needs are not being met while you are at camp because mommy isn’t there… so I want you to watch this video while mommy shows you exactly what you are missing!

Remember that one night that mommy kissed your cock? Mmmhmm… and kissing is not all that she did to it, remember? Right, well, I want you to touch yourself while you watch me show you what I am going to do just as soon as you get home!

Trust me sweetie, you’ll be able to enjoy camp so much more once you tend to your urges and mommy will always be right here to help you!

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You Want Mommy Now and Forever

Son, we need to have a talk. It’s time to stop all of the lies and deceit… I know what you’ve been doing… I saw all of the naughty scandalous photos of me on your phone. At first I was terribly upset by it but after some thought, I realized that all you really need is me… every part of me… you need your mother.

How could I possibly be mad that my sweet son needs his mother in the most intimate of ways? I just can’t be mad at you… infact, I want to give you what you need… what you desire…

Look at me… I’m wearing something so incredibly sexy under this robe. I’m going to take it off and show my body to you and I want you to grab your cock and touch yourself right here infront of mommy. I want you to show me just how good I make you feel.

That’s it son, stroke yourself for mommy… cum for mommy… it’s what you need now and forever.

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Mommy’s Under Desk Ass Worship & JOI

Kristi was busy at work when she heard someone come through the door. She turns around only to find her son standing in her office! She has told him many times that he cannot show up at her job, she’s already received several warnings about having visitors during office hours.

She questions him about why he is there and he tells her that he lost his job today and that he is upset and needs his mommy. Kristi is obviously frusterated but she loves her son so much… she quickly begins to figure out how he can stay until she is done with work.

The only possible way that her son can stay in the office for the next few hours is to hide… and the only place to hide is only her desk. It’s not ideal but it will have to work. Kristi tells her son to hurry up and get under the desk. There is not much room under here so Kristi has to spread her legs in order for him to fit… which leaves her pantyhose covered pussy exposed for spying eyes.

It doesn’t take long for Kristi to realize that her son’s face is way too close to her pussy so she tells him to back up. She tries to push his face away but there just isn’t enough room. She decides to get up and find some files she needs and it doesn’t take long for her pervy son to climb out from the desk and stare up his mother’s skirt!

She turns around and realizes what is happening. She scolds her son for being a total perv and looking at his mother in such a way… but then she feels horrible because she knows he just needs his mommy right now.

She tells him it’s ok, just this once she will let him worship her ass and pussy. She stands up and pulls her pantyhose down and allows her son to stick his face deep in her spread ass. Kristi begins to get very turned on so she sits down on the chair, spreads her pussy and tells her son to lick her pussy and asshole while stroking his cock until they both cum so hard!

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Mommy’s Smoking Handjob and Cumshot with More 100s

Hey sweetie… what are you doing? I thought I told you I didn’t want you sneaking around anymore. I know you like watching mommy smoke and I’m totally ok with it so I don’t want you hiding and sneaking peeks at me anymore. If you want to watch mommy smoke, come sit down with me…

That’s it… good boy. See? mommy always knows what her boy wants… and she loves to give it to you. Now, what do you want tonight? Mmmhmm… I see… You want mommy to touch…. that…. while she is smoking, don’t you? Yes… you certainly do.

You love it when mommy strokes you while she is smoking her More 100s and mommy loves blowing smoke all over your cock while she is jerking it. So no more sneaking around… if you want mommy to make you cum with her sexy hands and smoking, drop your pants and get over here!

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Mommy’s Mindfuck Therapy

Kristi is a very successful hypn0tist therapist. Her son is away at college and he seems to be struggling with a lot of stress from the big change in his life. He calls his mother Kristi one day just to vent a little. Kristi has been trying to convince him to try her therapy just one time, she knows it would help him so much! Today must have been a special day because her son finally agrees to let his mother put him under and find the cause of all of his stress.

He arrives at her office and she explains the process and then they begin. It doesn’t take long for him to fall under… then Kristi starts probing deep into his mind… she starts off with a few mundane questions until she is shocked to look down and see her son with a huge hard on in his pants!

She begins to question him about why his dick is hard in her office… and that’s when she finds out what has truly been bothering her sweet son. He is attracted to his mother. He wants her, he longs for her and not being able to have her? Well, it’s definitely the cause of his stress. He tries to make up for the inadequacy of not having his mother by dating girls who look like her… but obviously that hasn’t been working.

Kristi is quite shocked by these findings but being the professional she is, she understands that this is a primal urge and is her son is to ever lead a fulfilling life, his urges must be met… by his mother.

She grabs his cock and starts stroking while he is still under… planting the seeds of obsession into his mind. He will only want his mother for now on… he will no longer date other women… his cock belongs solely to mommy. This is the only way…

She brings him back awake and tells him to lie down… she hikes her skirt up and pulls her tits out and she climbs on top of his hard cock. She slides it into her pussy and begins to fuck her son with a hunger so strong they can both feel it.

Yes, this is just the way it’s meant to be… his cock belongs to mommy.

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