Another Piece of the Blog Challenge

Today’s topic is: A photo of yourself and a description on how your day went.

Well, I took a picture even though I am hella tired from pulling 12+ hour days everyday for the past month so here it is!


Here I am showing off my awesome purple nails and looking like a high zombie. You’ll have to excuse the horrible quality of my webcam (this is the reason I don’t use webcams to record videos OR do photo sets).

My day went well. I finally finish the thing I have been working on for a month now. I took a lot of time off after I had my last baby and I barely kept anything updated so once he started going to daycare in September I happily came running back to work! I have had to do a lot of catching up and that’s what has been taking up soooo much time but I am done now! I even have queues built up in most departments so I can actually keep on track this time! That’s all my day has consisted of really…  sitting in front of my computer since 7am this morning! I’ll sleep when I’m dead 😉 I am also stoked because I have the highest sales that I have ever had on my clip stores last month!

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