Bitchy Step Mother Demands Your Cum

Your father has been long term dating an incredibly hot yet total bitch of a woman. Even though she is the biggest bitch in the world, you can’t stop your cock from getting hard every time you see her feet. She has the sexiest feet ever and she always has her toes painted just the right color.

She has even caught you perving on her feet before… she never spoke of it to your father but she punished you in her own twisted ways.

She was irritated that it’s been months and still no wedding proposal. She is starting to worry that your father might not marry her after all… and no marriage means no money. Day by day she is increasingly frusterated and she continues to take it out on you.

Tonight was one of those nights… your bitchy future mother in law decides to punish you for just existing and your punishment is admiring her perfect body while she tries to come up with a solution to her problem. Not that you mind… her body is perfect and you have no problems doing as she says… but apparently you fucked that up too, just like everything else.

After a long bit of being degraded for being a bad boy, the idea finally pops into her head! She has decided that the only way this marriage is going to happen is if she gets pregnant… and it’s obviously not working with your father so now she has her eyes on you.

She tells you that you will impregnate her. You will fuck your bitchy future step mother and you will cum deep in her pussy and get her pregnant. It’s the only choice you have, she says. But don’t worry, she knows how much you love her feet so she is going to let you worship them while you fuck her.

She lies on the bed, sticks her feet in your face and demands your cock in her pussy!

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