You’re My Walking ATM Loser Financial Domination Video

Oh loser, how I despise thee, let me count the way. First, you suck at life. Second, you are a ginormous loser. Third, the only purpose you have in life is making yourself broke by giving me all of your cash. In this video I walk you through the facts that yes you are a loser, I don’t like you and the only reason I even talk to you is to take your money. Once your money is gone you’ll be gone but we don’t have to think about that yet do we? You still have plenty of money for me….for now, anyways. I love teasing you into a spending trance then making you clickity click all of your money over to me :) Yes loser, buy this clip and be my pay piggy. You know you want to, who wouldn’t? This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

 Runtime: 6:37 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Sexy femdom Princess Kristi wears black latex dress and black gloves while putting you in your place as a chump loser! Princess Kristi is going to rape your wallet and leave you broke in this incredibly sexy financial domination clip!

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