Your Wife’s Orgasmic Labor with Triplets!

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You arrive home from work to your heavily pregnant wife waiting for you on the bed. She is looking absolutely sexy in her black lingerie and stockings and ofcourse with that huge round pregnant belly. Your wife is pregnant… again… with triplets this time! You have gotten her pregnant many times before but never with a multiple pregnancy so her belly is extra large this time. You have already given your wife 5 beautiful sons and she is really hoping there is a daughter in her belly this time.

She tells you that she is incredibly horny and she wants your cock so bad… but she has also been having mild contractions on and off for a couple of days with today being the worse. She wants you to fuck her wet pregnant pussy and give her a huge creampie as she thinks this might help relieve the pressure from the contractions.

She strips out of her sexy lingerie after giving you an amazing pregnant tease and lies back on the bed. She begs you to climb on top and fuck her hard and there is no way you could possibly resist. You slide your cock deep in her pussy and start fucking her hard as she begs for you to cum in her pussy. She wants your huge creamy load so bad and you just can’t resist busting a nut in your pregnant wife’s pussy!

You make her cum and blow your load at the same time and then suddenly she grabs her belly in pain! Oh no, it looks like your huge cum shot has put your very heavily pregnant wife into labor! This labor is happening too quick to get to the hospital… you are going to have to help your wife catch these ba.bies! She is hot and sweaty and is obviously in full blown labor!

The first baby is coming fast, it’s head it already crowning and much to your surprise it seems like you wife is…. enjoying this labor? She is obviously in pain but it seems like a different kind of pain… a different kind of labor… almost like an orgasmic labor! She grunts, pushes and screams out in ecstasy as the first baby is delivered!

You are a proud father again but there is no time to marvel at your newest creation, the next baby is already in the birth canal and your wife is already trying to push it out! She needs your help delivering these next two and they are coming fast! Get ready daddy, it just got real! Your wife continues to moan and scream in a painful ecstasy until she is finished delivering all 3 ba.bies! Did you finally give her the daughter she has always wanted… or did you make 3 more sons?

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