Your Girlfriend Milks Your Morning Wood with White AE Jeans

Oh where did I put my keys… I am going to be so late if I don’t find them! There they are… babe! What are you doing? I am heading to work now, I’m already a few minutes late. I’ll see you later…. babe, what’s wrong? Why are you giving me the sad face? Babe! Are you serious? You are making me late for that? Your morning wood? Oh babe… I can’t leave you like this… let me call my coworker and see if she can cover for me for a few minutes. Ok babe, you are a very lucky boy today. I have exactly 20 minutes to be there. Go sit down and pull out your cock so I can help you take care of this! I know exactly what you need babe…. you need to jerk it for my big sexy ass in your favorite white AE jeans! Sit right there and make yourself feel good while I tease you and please you in my white jeans!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

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