Your Chastity Begins Now

“Your Chastity Begins Now”
Hello jerk boy. Today is not going to be a pleasant day for you. I am sick and tired of seeing you jerk your disgusting cock. That’s all you ever do is tweak that tiny fucking dick of yours. I’ve had enough. You don’t deserve to have an orgasm, ever. You are worthless. I am going to lock that cock away with my key and from today on you will be in chastity. I will control your cock, your mind, your body. You will orgasm only when I allow you to. Don’t expect me to take it easy on your either…. oh no, I am going to make it hell for you. I am going to tease you with my perfect Princess body ever day making you yearn for a release. You are going to experience just what it’s like to be locked away by a perfect bitch Princess. Are you ready jerk boy? This video is in 1280×720 high definition.

 Runtime: 6:46 minutes. 

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