You’ll Be Gay Forever Now

You are in a desperate situation and you are needing serious help… you are a totally straight man. You like women, you like pussy, you are definitely NOT gay… so why does your mind keep wandering to the thought of cock? Why do you keep thinking about… sucking dick? This just can’t be right… there must be something wrong with you… which is why you looked up Dr. Kristi – the leading hypnotherapist in the area.

She assures you that she can use her therapy to dig deep inside your mind and find out where these intrusive thoughts are coming from. You show up at her office and she walks you through everything… then it’s time to go under.

The process was easy enough. You go under and she begins to probe…

She asks you what you are thinking of at this very moment… and she soon finds out that you are thinking about a hard dick… and it’s not your dick. Now she knows… she knows the truth about you and she can see that all you are trying to do it cover it up… make it disappear like it was never there…

But she won’t allow that to happen. No… she will not help you erase your faggot tendencies… she is going to make them grow. She will make your homo desires consume you. Your cock is hard… there’s nothing you can do to fight it… you are under her spell and at her mercy and when you awake from this there will be no going back. All she has to do to permanently etch your new love for cock in your head is make you cum… and that shouldn’t be hard, not with that raging boner you have right now. All she has to do is tell you to stroke… and you will… you will stroke to images of hard cocks and throbbing dicks and your cum will seal your fate.

Dr. Kristi will turn you in to the faggot she wants you to be and there’s no escaping it.

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