You’ll Be a VIRGIN with a Foot Fetish for LIFE, Loser

This is a mean cruel clip and if you can’t handle the abuse, don’t buy it! So I am sitting here laughing about how fucking pathetic you are. You are pathetic for so so many ways but today we are going to discuss the face that you are still and virgin and you are addicted to feet. See, that weird foot fetish that you have? That’s the very thing that has kept you a virgin for your entire life. All you do is sit at home and jerk your worthless cock looking at feet on the internet. You don’t even try to get laid anymore because you know that women are instantly turned off and they just turn around and walk away from you. Everybody else that you know in your life is getting married and having and here you are… still sitting at home beating your dick to feet. You never got laid in high school and you turned into even more of a loser during college so you missed out on every chance of getting fucked there, too. Well loser, I’m sorry to say but you will never have anything different and I am going to personally make sure of it. I like the fact that you are a fucking virgin foot loser. I like seeing you miserable….no, I fucking LOVE it. I love being so mean and cruel to you and mocking you for your incredibly lame life. In this video I talk about your whole life and how you suck at every aspect of it. I tell you that you will forever be a virgin loser addicted to feet. I get so fed up with you that I don’t even want you to see my face anymore. I grab the camera and put it on the floor so all that you can see is my disgusting filthy feet. You don’t even deserve clean feet because you fucking suck so hard. I want you to watch this clip everyday for the rest of your life so you begin to think about nothing but my dirty filthy feet. Infact, when you are on your deathbed about to take your last breathe I want you watching this clip on repeat so you d i e a stupid loser thinking about my dirty Princess feet and how your life was nothing more than a pathetic waste of virgin nothingness.

Runtime: 24 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Mean bitch Princess Kristi utterly humiliates you for being a pathetic foot addicted loser that will remain a virgin for life and continue to jerk your pathetic dick to humiliation foot porn!`

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