You Want Mommy Now and Forever

Son, we need to have a talk. It’s time to stop all of the lies and deceit… I know what you’ve been doing… I saw all of the naughty scandalous photos of me on your phone. At first I was terribly upset by it but after some thought, I realized that all you really need is me… every part of me… you need your mother.

How could I possibly be mad that my sweet son needs his mother in the most intimate of ways? I just can’t be mad at you… infact, I want to give you what you need… what you desire…

Look at me… I’m wearing something so incredibly sexy under this robe. I’m going to take it off and show my body to you and I want you to grab your cock and touch yourself right here infront of mommy. I want you to show me just how good I make you feel.

That’s it son, stroke yourself for mommy… cum for mommy… it’s what you need now and forever.

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