You Can Stroke While I Get Ready for My Date

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The basic premise is that you come into the room and see me waiting for you locked in chastity. You comment that I look desperate to be let out, which you’d figured since I’ve been in chastity for a month. You tell me your going out with your friends, but because I’ve been so good you’ll let me out before you go for a game.
You’ll let me stroke, but I’m not allowed to cum until you’ve finished getting dressed and give me permission. If I cum before that I’ll be put back in chastity for 2 years. I look scared, but you convince me that I can keep from cumming until your done, so I agree.
You start by figuring out what undergarments to wear. You try on different bras, panties corsets, etc. until you find the perfect start. Then you need to decide on what else to wear: dresses, shorts, pants, shoes, etc.. You try different options, but keep changing. While you try on things you show them to me and tease me. You let me think its the last outfit but change your mind again and again.
Finally when you’ve decided you ask me if I’m ready to cum. Of course I am since I’ve been teased by you for the past however many minutes. You are about to let me release but then stop and tell me how much fun you had with the game and maybe this should be a weekly thing and you’ll see how long I can go: a month, 6 months, maybe an entire year or the 2 years said earlier. You tease me about how much fun I’d be after a long time of this game and then leave me to go out.

Runtime: 15 minutes.

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