You Are My Biggest Jerk Junky

My huge overdue pregnant belly is absolutely amazing! It is so big, so round, so perfect… it has the most erotic effect on your cock, more than any other pregnant belly ever has. There is something about me…. my belly…. my voice…. that drives you absolutely wild. When you hear my sweet voice guiding your hand down to your cock instructing you to stroke for me… you simply cannot resist. You must follow my instructions. You must jerk your cock just as I describe… making it feel so absolutely incredible. You love listening to my voice and watching my huge pregnant belly while stroking your throbbing hard dick. You feel your orgasm building in your balls… growing larger and heavier until it’s finally time to release it… to cum so incredibly hard for this huge sexy erotic pregnant belly. You are truly my biggest jerk junky and you should be proud of that!

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