You Are Going to Eat Your Cum for Me

Hello loser! Your sexy Princess is back with another fantastically sexy cum eating instruction sexy humiliation joi video! I am wearing a super sexy green corset in this video and I look absolutely stunning! I am going to walk you through an intense jerk off session… really teasing you with my perfect Princess body…. making your cock quiver and ache to blow a huge load for me. I am going to make sure I work you up so much that your load is absolutely huge! When it comes time to cum I will instruct you exactly how to do so… then comes the fun part! You are going to follow my every instruction and you are going to eat every last drop of your hot fresh cum for me. I know you usually lose interest in eating your cum after you actually do cum…. but trust me loser, you are going to eat it for me this time!

Runtime: 10 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Femdom Princess Kristi makes you jerk your dick to her sexy Goddess body and big booty then she makes you blow a huge load and eat every last drop. Hot cock tease cum eating instruction video!

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