You Are Going to Be Late for Work

Sit down and grab your cock. I want you to stare at my perfect body and forget about everything else. I want you thinking about me and only me and how good I am going to make your cock feel today. You will forget about everything else… including going to work. That’s right, you are definitely going to be late for work today so you might as well just get immersed in my beauty and absolute eroticness and forget all about your job. I am going to encourage you to stroke your throbbing dick so good for me… I am going to make you feel immense pleasure today… pleasure so great that you will hardly be able to stand it. You will keep going and keep stroking for me until I feel like you’ve had enough and then… and only then will you be allowed to cum. Yes, you are definitely going to be late to work today but don’t worry… it was completely worth it!

Runtime: 14 minutes.

You’ll like this video if you enjoy: Grab your cock and forget the clock! You are going to have an amazing cock jerking session with your beautiful Pregnant Princess Kristi! She is going to tempt and tease your cock into submission… you will stroke for her gorgeous Goddess body until she allows you to cum… even if that means being late for work. Get ready to stroke harder than you’ve ever stroked before in this sexy masturbation instruction JOI clip!

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