Where Ba,bies Come From

Hi honey, what are you up to? Mommy is just rubbing her beautiful pregnant body with lotion…. no sweetie, you don’t have to leave! Remember? Mommy told you no more peeking. I know you have been a curious boy about my ever growing body so why don’t you stay with me and watch my pregnant body while I explain some things for you? I don’t want you to be confused about anything so I am going to tell you all about how why mommy’s belly is so big and how a baby got in my belly and also how the baby gets out of my belly….

Oh no, honey, it looks like mommy made you have an erection while she was explaining these things to you and showing you her special fertile body. Hmmmm, well, I guess this would be a good time to show you exactly how a baby gets in a woman’s belly. Come lie down on the couch sweetie, mommy is going to show you how sex happens!

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